Francine’s Journey from Rwanda to the US

My name is Francine Mwizeranama, and I have been a member of Our Redeemer Lutheran Church Karibu fellowship since 2017. Originally I am from Rwanda, but I came to the USA four years ago through a refugee resettlement program. I lived in Rwanda until I married my husband who came from the Democratic Republic of Congo to escape genocide. Together we moved to Uganda when another wave of genocide started in Rwanda. We stayed in the refugee program for 12 years while waiting for permanent resettlement elsewhere. Fortunately, we got the opportunity to come to the USA with our five children.

It has been more than three years since we started coming to Karibu for worship at Our Redeemer. We enjoy Karibu fellowship and worship through the Multi-Ethnic Ministry, where we have met people from the Democratic Republic of Congo, the home country of my husband.

The ministry takes care of our family members by providing us with spiritual services and with help in times of need. Pastor Solomon Yadessa brings gifts from the ministry and tells us that the church takes care of us. Recently he came with one member of Our Redeemer and visited us.

All seven of my children were baptized at Our Redeemer and two of them were confirmed there. My children enjoy coming to church every Sunday for worship until the pandemic made it difficult. The Saturday program has been a very good program for our children by giving them the opportunity to get out of the apartment complex and play in fellowship in a safe environment.

Currently I am expecting my eighth child, and I ask your prayers in this journey. As I have no blood relatives here, I value the love and fellowship I enjoy through the church and ministry. Thank you for the love and care you give us as a church.