Rev. Dr. Yadessa

Pastor Yadessa talks about his path and approach to ministry, how the MEMNT was established, and what it means to be an urban missionary.

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Life may be busy, and opportunities to serve may seem outside of our comfort zone, but when we reach out to care for our neighbors, the Holy Spirit is at work and we are all blessed.

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Francine fled genocide in Rwanda and lived for 12 years in a refugee camp in Uganda before moving to the USA through a refugee resettlement program.

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The MEMNT offers opportunities to connect, learn, grow, and share the Gospel with people of many different cultures and nationalities.

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The environments that these kids come from and still live in may be unfamiliar to many of us. To help them grow their faith, we must first listen to them, get to know them, and demonstrate that we understand them.

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Working with this community has allowed me to see with my own eyes that every belonging, every relationship, and every minute of every day is a gift from God.

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I met Pastor Solomon Yadessa during the opening ceremony of the Northwest Community Center in February 2016. We immediately connected as like-minded Believers and kept in touch over the ensuing months. He then asked me to help with a new ministry idea of welcoming Congolese and Rwandan refugees in the Vickery Meadow area.

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My encouragement to others is to strongly consider learning more about the ministry, and the various ways to be involved and supportive. It is one of many opportunities made possible for each of us as children of God who know Jesus as Lord and Savior.

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The MEMNT is a place to serve and be served and to witness the beauty of God’s people loving and caring for one another. It is where growth and blessings result from forgoing comfort and stepping out in faith. It is an opportunity for people of diverse backgrounds to connect and better understand each other. And it is a reminder to focus on Christ and share the message of salvation with others.

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Ogal and Ajulu

Ogal, Ajulu, and other Anyuaks from Ethiopia resettle in the US and through Pastor Yadessa find a new church home in St. Paul, Fort Worth.

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Before coming to America, Nicole fled Congo and the genocide that killed her parents and spent six years at a refugee camp in Uganda.

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From shoe drives to youth program meals to the advisory board of directors, Gloria has been sharing the love of Christ through the MEMNT.

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People served by the MEMNT come from diverse cultures and often do not speak English. David encourages volunteers to help teach English and to host more social activities so that those being served can more quickly adjust to a new language and a new country. Not to replace their culture, but to help them understand and navigate life in the US.

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Celine shares some of her experiences adjusting to life in the US after moving here from the Republic of Benin in Africa.

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Armin & Karen

Getting to know people from different cultures reveals the many ways we are alike, for example the love we have for our families, our hope for the future, and that we value community.

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