Gloria Evans

How did you first become involved in the MEMNT ministry at ORLC? 

I started helping with the shoe drive for the back to school program and also providing meals for the kids’ Saturday program.

And you recently joined the MEMNT Advisory Board? 

Yes. I am extremely impressed by the level of commitment from Pastor Solomon Yadessa and all board members. Everyone is so involved in helping Pastor deliver the Word to refugees.

You and your husband, Chris, are very active members of Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Dallas. When did you first join ORLC?

Chris and I joined when our daughter started Kindergarten at Our Redeemer Lutheran School in 1988. Both our son and daughter attended ORLS. I have taught Sunday school, served on various boards, and provided meals for fellowship dinners.

Tell us about your family.

Chris and I have been married for 47 years. We recently moved to Allen to be closer to our kids. We are currently living in a new 55+ community, and we love it. My daughter has her master’s degree in teaching and is a stay-at-home mom. She currently is homeschooling my grandchildren, 9,7 and 5. My son runs production for a small printer.

Many times you have generously offered your time and resources to help the MEMNT. What is your professional background? 

My father was a printer for over 70 years, and I followed the family tradition and went to work for him. I have been a print broker for 40 years and am in the process of retiring. I am thrilled that my son also chose the printing profession.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Mostly I enjoy working out, visiting, volunteering, and playing pickleball.

What would you say to others about how they can serve as volunteers for the MEMNT? 

We will be expanding outreach in April. We will need more volunteers to provide meals and help with the kids’ programs. Come share the love of Christ with others!