“I have seen Jesus Christ at work through this ministry, where numerous ethnic groups are unified by His peace and grace.”

Jimmy Bradley

“Working with the Karibu youth program has been one of the most spiritually formative experiences of my life. I am so grateful God brought me to participate in the lives of these beautiful children. The relationships and connections we work to build with these kids is a profound gift. Their innocence and their struggles have taught me so much about the heart of God – His love, His patience, His mercy, and His great compassion. I feel very privileged for the opportunity to be a part of this ministry as we attempt to comfort, serve, and faithfully represent our Lord to them.”

Melissa Johnson

“Volunteering as an ESL teacher gave me the opportunity to make friends and share my faith with people I never would have met any other way.”

Matt Jamison

“This ministry has been humbling, has added purpose to my life, and has provided an opportunity to teach and learn from children in ways I never thought possible.”

Rachel Walther

“This ministry has been a great way to learn from new perspectives and experiences while supporting our brothers and sisters in Christ.”

Curtis Bryant

“Through this ministry I have been blessed with new ways to serve and new friendships.”

Tara Hickman

“Mission happens when a person with the love of God reaches out to another, builds a relationship, and shares the love of God by meeting their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.”

Rev. Dr. Solomon Yadessa